Painting has always been a source of pleasure and creativity for me.

In 2000 I went on sabbatical leave from my work as an English teacher in Israel.   I studied drawing and watercolor at college in Seattle, Washington. It was a real pleasure, a dream come true. Since then I have devoted myself to this form of art.

Upon returning to Israel I continued attending workshops. In 2008 I won a major prize in a national competition. I have had several solo exhibitions in my country, as well as in Budapest (2010) Hungary, and at ArtExpo, New-York 2011.

Most of my paintings are in oil, some in acrylic and pastel, inspired by colors and the joy they bring to our lives. My favorite themes are landscapes and cityscapes. Even if I could find the right words to properly describe the atmosphere I try to bring to my paintings, I would rather have my paintings speak for themselves.  


E-mail:[email protected], Phone Number: 972-547674070


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